As its name implies, Casa Marchesi is a home of the Marchesi family. The house was originally built in the 1860s. The size of the building, as we know it now, was shaped up around 1940 by Pietro Marchesi. Using his experience in construction design, he created a building that utilizes space with maximum efficiency. After he passed away, the Casa was used by his relatives.


From 2007, Casa Marchesi is owned by Simon Grossenbacher, grandson of Pietro Marchesi, and his wife Olga. The house has been fully renovated in 2010-2011. The process of renovation took advantage of the use of the latest green technologies and natural materials and significantly improved the Casa by creating two independent and spacious modern residences. The project was led by Daniel Müller, an experienced local architect, and executed by local builders to ensure that the unique spirit, look, and feel of houses in the Ticino region are cherished and preserved.

To extend the life of the house and let others enjoy the beauty, hospitality, and tranquility of Ticino, we decided to allow guests to use Casa Marchesi for rent. The Casa received its first guests in May 2011.


CMHolidayComfortCertificate2xIn 2013, we successfully participated in the holiday-apartment classification organized by Swiss Tourism Federation. We were certified for the category "THREE-STAR SUPERIOR". This placed the Casa Marchesi between comfort and first class, one of the highest ranks in the category of houses for family vacations!

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